Share Your Contact via Subscription
Imagine that now access to your contact is limited in time.
You decide to whom and for how long to give this access.
To make it free or charge for it.

This completely changes the rules of the game.
Now you can have the most relevant contacts active.
Monetize the incoming flow of requests.
Yes, even spam and service offers.
They want to send you an offer - let them pay for it.

How It Works
Create your profile
Add a description and set a subscription price for your contact
(e.g. $50/day, $200/week, $500/month).
Share this link
On social networks and wherever you want
As someone pays for a subscription, they receive an invitation to chat with you in a Trit Messenger.
We will make sure that payment is made on time
As soon as the subscription period ends, the system offers to renew it or the chat is frozen. This removes the need to remind about payment and the embarrassment of refusing to communicate/provide services to a client who has not paid.
We are currently in beta testing.
But we will be happy to create an account for you.

Just send us your email and
we will contact you quickly!
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