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Convert Unhappy Customers into Loyal Ones
Today 96% of your unhappy customers
don't leave any feedback,
and most of them will never come back.

But they will write negative reviews and
share experience with their network.
Why Customers Don't Complain?
  • 1
    No One Really Wants To Be A Hassle
    Do you feel comfortable criticizing a provider or demanding the supervisor's attention? Almost nobody does, and problems stay where they are.
  • 2
    It Requires Too Much Effort
    Most customers simply walk away instead of filling out a three-page complaint form or search for contacts.
  • 3
    Confidentiality Issues
    Customers are worried of what might come next. Will it have any negative impact? Will they experience positive attitude next time?
How Trit Works
Create Your Invite
Help your customers share their confidential feedback directly with managers or founders in 3 sec!
Get Instant Chat Experience
Get your customers have quick direct chatting instead of posting publicly on Yelp
Convert Into Loyal Customers
Solve customers' problems way faster, retain them and convert to loyal ones! Save time and money.
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