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Connect to Customers Who Don't Share Phone Numbers
72% of Americans are reluctant to
share information
with businesses
because they "just want to maintain privacy."

And the situation gets even worse -
in Gen Z only 10 to 15 percent of them
declare not to have any issues in
sharing personal data with companies.
Why Customers Don't Share Phone Number?
  • 1
    Personal Security
    In fact, your phone number may have now become an even stronger identifier than your full name. With it, hackers can get a lot of personal information, including your name and date of birth, address, and more.
  • 2
    Privacy & Data Leaks
    Every day in the news you can read about leaks of personal data from different companies. And no one wants to find themselves in the list of customers, whose data will then be used for marketing purposes.
  • 3
    Spam & Scam
    A shady marketing agency could add your number to a database to blast with spam calls and text-messaged promotions. And you can't stop it.
How Trit Works
Get Trit Business Account
And get the opportunity to communicate with your clients without asking them for
a phone number
Connect With Your Customers
Customers are much more willing to agree to connect with a business if it is confidential.

For them we have developed a confidential messenger that does not require a phone number.
Talk To Customers
Send personal promotions,
receive reservations
and feedback